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AKOS Fiber Optics

With the ability to sense anywhere on the optical fiber, transmit large amounts of data, work in extreme environments with high temperatures, explosive areas and otherwise impossible work places for copper has helped fiber to become one of today greatest technologies for the Oil and Gas market place.


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Fiber Technology Benefits

  • Highly Sensitive to acoustics, temperature, strain & pressure
  • Proven in extreme environments (Temperatures up to 700 Degrees C)
  • Simple, no moving parts, robust
  • Almost infinite bandwidth
  • 1000's of sensor points on single line **fiber is the sensor**
  • Low noise floor, immune to EM noise
  • High Signal to Noise ratio ability to sense acoustic events from sub Hz to ultrasonic

Distributed Sensing

Distributed Sensing takes measurements along the entire optical fiber; there are no discrete sensors.

A single optical fiber can replace hundreds or thousands of point sensors

Distributed Sensing leverages the entire length of the fiber, meaning there is full coverage continuously

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Fiber Technology Applications

Fiber Technology Applications

      Production Optimization

    • Log fluid flow contributions along slotted liner, perforations, or bare foot
    • Identify and characterize failed start-ups, slugging, flow restrictions, and gas lift

      Real-time Monitoring Techniques for SAGD and CSS Operations

    • Micro-seismic events and VSP
    • Well integrity and SVCF
    • Cap rock integrity monitoring
    • Gauging SAGD pair during drilling of second well

      Well Integrity and Production Risk

    • Visualization of casing leaks in real-time
    • On-site monitoring during leak remediation operations
    • Surface Casing vent flow remediation works

      Fracture Flow Profiling

    • Identify in real-time which perforations contribute to production
    • Quantify flow through each perforation/port over entire well
    • Flow & no-flow
    • Optimization of smart well and artificial lift completions


AKOS Uses leading edge proprietary software to deliver reliable data and analytics that give our customers the confidence and information they need to make decisions in real-time or in a post processed scenario.

Technology-logging software
Technology-logging software
Technology-logging software

About Us

Our main services include Wireline for wellbore logging, perforating and remediation. Coil tubing for cleaning wellbores, conveying guns, plugs, packers and tools. Nitrogen pumping for assisting cleanout operations, purging and decommissioning pipelines. The integrated technology includes fiber optics applications, e-coil deployment and wireless gauges. Combined with these main services, the technology solutions aid in the ability to increase efficiency's, enhance data and exceed customer expectations.