E-Optical Wireline Services

AKOS E-Optical Wireline

AKOS Energy supplies "Fiber as a Full service" to service companies around the globe to integrate and implement fiber optics, electro-optics and specialty tools for Wireline logging services. Our unique approach allows our customers to customize a program based on their needs and requirements. From inception to integration, full field services and analysis, our team of experts are engaged in the process to develop solutions that suite our customers architecture.


  • Customized programs to benefit customers requirements
  • Design, integration and implementation of fiber or e-optical cables
  • Ability to insert cables into coil strings while coil is spooled up or laid out
  • Slack management program to ensure longevity of cables inside Coil
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Field engineer and Sales staff training
  • Onsite or remote Data Acquisition with DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) & DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing)
  • Specialty tools to accommodate various application
  • Data interpretation and analysis
wireline in tubing wireline in tubing

About Us

Our main services include Wireline for wellbore logging, perforating and remediation. Coil tubing for cleaning wellbores, conveying guns, plugs, packers and tools. Nitrogen pumping for assisting cleanout operations, purging and decommissioning pipelines. The integrated technology includes fiber optics applications, e-coil deployment and wireless gauges. Combined with these main services, the technology solutions aid in the ability to increase efficiency's, enhance data and exceed customer expectations.